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A=432 vs A=440 tuning

Let's go back to 432 hz natural healing frequencies

A=432 Hz tones

Low G
High g


   Nikola Tesla Quote...

 “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  

  Throughout history the preferred tuning of musical instruments was A=432 hz, it is a natural frequency of the universe, earth and the human body as we are all connected. This goes back the classical masters and how Antonio Stradivari tuned his violins. It is also the frequency of Tibetan bowls and it's believed to go as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. So, why is this, and why was it changed to A=440 in the mid 1900s? 


  Going back to Tesla and his 369 code. I can't go into in detail here, but if you have never heard of Tesla's 369 code I urge you to research it, it is a fascinating rabbit hole to go down. According to Tesla 3, 6 & 9 are sacred numbers of the universe and the universe is frequency and vibration, so in order to be "in tune" with the universe and the human body, frequency's should add up to 3, 6 or 9. For example...


 432 hz is 4+3+2=9  or 528 hz is 5+2+8=15 (1+5=6) and so on.

  Another example is there are 12 notes in the chromatic scale, so 432 divided by 12 equals an even 36 (3+6=9) whereas 440 divided by 12 equals 36.666 ...hmmmm 

432 vs 440.png


   So, why was it changed? Good question, nothing musical as far as I can tell! 440 hz was introduced in the US as the standard in 1910 without much success but by 1917 its was excepted as the standard...interesting to me that this is the time of WW1 and when recorded music was about to overtake sheet music as the "music industry" is this relevant? who knows, but I have no doubt the powers behind this were very aware of the effects frequency has on the human body and mind. This knowledge goes back centuries.   


 By 1939 is was being pushed as the world wide standard by people such as the Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, Oil Oligarch David Rockefeller and eugenics proponent William Gates Sr. (father of Bill Gates). Now, why would a Nazi propagandist, a petrochemical/pharmaceutical owner and a man who is interested in depopulating the earth be interested in changing music frequency? ...hey, I'm just asking the question, I'll let you research and come up with your own conclusion.


  In 1953 440hz was adopted as the world wide standard despite push back from musicians world wide...who knew damn well 440 hz is disharmonious and lacking resonance, as did the people who pushed it. 


  I know there are people that say that the effects of 440hz being used to control populations is all a conspiracy theory  ...for me, conspiracy theory or not, I'll side with Mozart, Antonio Stradivari and Nikola Tesla over Joseph Goebbels, David Rockefeller and William Gates any day of the week! ...just saying!   

  In this increasingly crazy world that we find ourselves these days I believe we can all collectively raise the positive vibration of our earth by doing one small thing at a time. I propose that if everyone started to use A=432 Hz tuning it would be one good step in the right direction. Love & Peace.

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